Change app icons in iPhone [Nasıl Yapılır?]

recently released iOS 14 The process of changing app icons for iPhone has also become popular, with support for “widgets” that come with the operating system.

iOS 14 you know the operating system, now finally the people like the Android side are on the home screen. widget or Turkish “tool kitsAllows you to add . In this way, the home screen design of the iOS operating system, which has remained stable for many years, can be customized more than ever before. Of course, people are not satisfied with this. long time iPhone owners Possibility to change application icons It creates incredible home screens by combining it with widgets. Well on iOS / iPhone models change the app icon how is it?

The answer is quite simple. Here is the first picture of Apple “ShortcutsYou need to download the ” app. Then press the “Add Action” button that appears when you open the application. Search for “Open Application” here, and press the “Open Application” action just below. Then press the “Select” phrase on the Script screen that appears and select the application whose icon you want to change from the drop-down list. Then press the “…” icon in the upper right corner of the screen that opens and specify the name you will give to the application from the top here.

Then press the “Add to Home Screen” option and then come to the “Home Screen Name and Icon” section on the page that opens. Here press the box on the left and download the icon you want for the application (there are many ready-made packages on the Internet) from your phone, or take a photo for this application icon. Then press the “Add” button in the upper right. In this way, the application you have prepared will be added to the home screen with the icon you have chosen.

The only negative situation here is that these prepared application icons open the Shortcuts application before opening the application. But the process happens instantly.

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A good example prepared

There are also apps for iPhone that are popular with the iOS 14 operating system.

The most famous of these Widgetsmith has happened. From here The app, which can be downloaded for free, allows people to add custom “Time, Date, Photos, Custom Text, Upcoming Events, Reminders, and Health & Activity” widgets to the home screen. Widgetsmith It is possible to prepare very animated home screens, especially with texts.

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