Change internal storage to simple Samsung SD card

Change internal storage to simple Samsung SD card 3

One of the biggest problems in a considerable amount of mobile devices is the little internal memory that comes with the cell phone, because, although it says it has 8GB of internal memory, we have less than half availability because the operating system covers a large part . To solve this problem, we will explain How to change internal storage to Samsung SD card.

Little space in internal memory

One of the most irritating notifications that appear on Samsung devices is the “insufficient space in internal memory” sign, which is not only annoying because of lack of memory, but because thanks to this we cannot download the applications we want.

At the same time this entails endless limitations, such as the amount of multimedia files that can be had on the phone, which leads us to always be deleting photos, videos, images, music and turns out to be extremely annoying. However, there is a solution that could make your life happy and we will provide it here.

change internal storage to samsung sd card very simple

Change internal storage to Samsung SD card

To solve the problem of low internal memory, all we need, instead of buying a mobile device with more memory, is to buy an SD card that will help us with this problem.

Next, you must move the applications that are occupying internal memory to external memory, in addition to that you may have less limitation with your multimedia files.

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To change internal storage to Samsung SD card you must move the applications that involve more weight on your cell phone and it is necessary to download an app that turns out to be the most useful tool for these cases. Its name is AppMgr III and with it you will have the option to move some applications to the SD card, although you will not be able to do it with all.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

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A tool that will make your life easier

All you have to do is download the tool, so you can free up a lot of space in your internal memory and leave behind the annoying notification that indicates that you have little memory space.

That simple you can return to peace of mind without spending money on a new mobile device. You will get a simple solution to a problem that tormented you.

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