Check the compatibility of your Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI 12.5

Check the compatibility of your Xiaomi

MIUI 12.5 this is the next level of personalization that millions of Xiaomi users crave. Announced alongside Xiaomi I 11, the brand has detailed some of the models that will be updated to this version based on Android 11, but never publishes the requirements for installing each new iteration of its software.

However, if you want find out if your Xiaomi is going to update to MIUI 12.5 , just install a simple open source app based on studying the hardware and software of a mobile phone to know not only if you can get an OTA update of the operating system in the future, but what type of ROM you will receive, and if it will be with all the news announced by Xiaomi.

update miui 12.5

Remember that depending on your type of mobile phone and its region, you will like MIUI 12.5 with more or less features.

Is my mobile phone compatible with MIUI 12.5?

To know if, in theory, your Chinese brand smartphone will have no problem update to MIUI 12.5 , you just need to download and install the following app, MIUI Level Checker , on your phone, allowing you to install apps first downloaded from unknown sources in the mobile security section.

After you install the app and run it with the requested permissions, the same software will check your device to see if it meets the prerequisites in order to theoretically enjoy the new version of the Xiaomi operating system for your mobile phones.

If it shows a smiling face, it means that your smartphone has full support and should update without problems, and if it shows a sad face, then most likely you will not try MIUI 12.5 honey as it does not support software.

Android 12 Beta in Xiaomi: Compatible Phones and Bugs Found

MIUI Level CheckerXiaomi Mobile Compatible with MIUI 12.5MIUI Level CheckerXiaomi mobile is not compatible with MIUI 12.5

To this we have to add an intermediate screen with the “face of circumstances”, where it is stated that the mobile phone has partial support, that is, due to its characteristics, it must be updated, but this is not entirely secure.

And it is necessary to clarify what it is Unofficial app developed by member Mi Community China, with which you can check if a particular Xiaomi device will have access to all MIUI 12.5 news or instead, some features will be incompatible with your phone.

The point is, since it is not official, it may not match the decisions Xiaomi is finally making and the characteristics of each device.

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