Chrysler wants to go all-electric by 2028 and unveils its Airflow concept

Chrysler Airflow © © Chrysler

This is a new illustration of the tight, but no less assumed, turn of many vehicle manufacturers who are abandoning combustion in favor of electric, both in Europe and in Asia. Now, Chrysler joins the contingent.

By 2028, the 96-year-old firm should be all-electric, according to the wishes of its parent company, Stellantis.

If the CES 2022 is somewhat battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, this does not prevent many firms from making innovative presentations, including in the automotive sector, and Chrysler is in the game. The firm thus unveiled to the public on January 5 its new SUV concept, called Airflow. To see him travel the roads, however, we will have to wait a bit. It should be mass-produced, but it wouldn’t be until 2025.

As far as known information is concerned, this car would be equipped with two engines. Its autonomy should, for its part, be between 350 and 400 miles, or 560 to 640 km WLTP. Its wheels will have a diameter of 22 inches and its weight will be around two tons. In terms of design, the immaculate white interior is marked above all by the purity of its lines and the large central screen. The exterior, for its part, reveals a panoramic roof and a Chrysler Wing logo equipped with LEDs that can be illuminated in different colors as owners wish.

Chrysler in the vein of many Western automakers

In order not to just blend in with the mass of manufacturers who have announced 100% electric production between 2027 and 2035, Stellandis is banking on its technological arsenal and intends to emulate it. The parent company notably hopes to generate no less than 22.5 billion dollars in revenue thanks to its internal vehicle software. The latter is particularly capable of selling products and other subscriptions to drivers and passengers. The architecture of this software, called STLA Brain, has three pillars: brain », « smartcockpit ” and ” autodrive “.

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The first must allow each vehicle of the firm to be connected to the Chrysler information center, and in particular to update them remotely. The second is a platform created with Foxconn to offer a navigation service, a voice assistant, an e-commerce platform and a payment service to vehicle users. Finally, the third is an automated driving aid developed in collaboration with BMW.

All vehicles produced by Stellantis from 2024 will be equipped with these three pillars, as well as the Airflow therefore. Passengers, via screens, will be able to share among themselves, by a simple “ swipe », their favorite content. Enough to make the Airflow concept a future best-seller?

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Sources: TechCrunch, Electric Cars Report

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