classic toys, actually augmented

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The technological advance has meant a real revolution in the videogames sector. Just take a look at the existing consoles a couple of decades ago and look at those of now, in which the graphics are much more real and the experiences more immersive.

Despite this, the real change is yet to come, technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality They have enough potential for video games to turn 180 degrees and look more like the ones we are tired of seeing in movies and fiction.

LEGO, the Danish company known for its construction toys, is aware of this paradigm shift and has not hesitated to adapt in its own way. For this they have launched LEGO Hidden Side, a game for children that combines augmented reality with their real toys. As we have been lucky enough to try it, we come to tell you our impressions.

LEGO Hidden Side

LEGO has invited us to its offices in Madrid so we could try LEGO Hidden Side in the first person. There they explain to us that it is the unique gaming experience that mixes augmented reality with physical construction.

The system is based on two pillars. The first is a set of LEGO At first glance it seems completely normal, however, they assure us that it has had to be specially designed for the experience. The second pillar is LEGO Hidden Side, a free augmented reality application. This is available for both Android and iOS phones.

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The application allows you to enjoy a LEGO game without having the real pieces, but, the augmented reality experience requires one of the 8 sets available. The child will only have to scan his set (once built) and can start playing, although he must point the phone at all times to your LEGO set to play correctly

Play in two worlds at the same time

Thus, the well-known firm intends bring toys to life of LEGO. The story is about two young youtubers, Jack and Parker, who have to capture ghosts to return normal to a haunted world.

The game is designed for children from 7 years They will have to interact with both the actual construction and their mobile phone to advance the story. During the time that we have been playing we have verified that the game is simple and intuitive, so the little ones shouldn’t have trouble playing.

It should be noted that each of the 8 LEGO sets will offer different missions and adventures. The plots are developed in different places, such as a cemetery, an institute, a school bus, a laboratory, a train and much more. In addition, from LEGO we have been assured that there will be regular updates, so that children can enjoy new experiences.

classic toys, actually augmented 2

In our case we have tried the “Intercept Bus” set, but there are 7 more sets. The price fluctuates a lot, since the cheapest costs € 19.99 and the most expensive € 129.99. You could say that it is suitable for all pockets.

The bet of LEGO has been tremendously interesting considering how technology is advancing and that many children are born practically knowing how to handle devices such as tablets or mobiles. It is a good way to adapt without neglecting traditional toys, combining the physical world with the virtual one.

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Of course, although LEGO has designed its game with children in mind, we assure you that as you go forward, the missions become more complicated. We have had serious difficulties facing ghosts, so if you are an adult we also encourage you to try it and draw your own conclusions.

See here all sets compatible with LEGO Hidden Side

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