Clearview, the application that the FBI uses to identify people

Information is power, and Bill Gates has said, “If you are not on the Internet, you are not there.” Today there are billions of photos on the internet and Clearview He has brought them together. This fact is very relevant even The FBI uses the app to identify people.

With the help of facial recognition, the United States Police. The law can identify people, but that information can only be collected with its own database (those who have been arrested before). Now with Clearview, the possibility to develop.

In Clearview there is more than 3,000 million images (and videos), which comes from social networks. That information is public, so anyone can really access it. Enough, for example, to enter Instagram, enter any name in the search engine and access the first profile that appears.

With the latter (if the profile is public), we can know what his name is, where he lives, if he has a pet, if it is a boy or a girl, if he is sporty or not, where he travels, etc.

But the story with Clearview is not so simple, that is, the Police cannot enter the application or any social network and start searching for profiles and using photos. To do the latter, the State Security Agency They need the approval of the person in the photo or by order of the judge.

Once you have the corresponding authorization, the prohibition is opened, and there will not only be access to photos or videos of our social profiles, but as a result, as we have commented in some previous paragraphs, and they will know where we live, if we have a partner, who are our friends and family, where we go, where we travel, how we express ourselves, etc.

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So whether it’s Clearview, like any app that collects photos from social media, or even uploads content to social media, we will be playing with the privacy of many people and with our own security and all those who appear in those photos and videos that can be reviewed by the FBI.

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