Configuration of the Yoigo APN

Configuration of the Yoigo APN 3

In the vast majority of cases, when buying a new mobile phone, the configuration of Internet access depends on the company that sold it to us. If you have a Yoigo telephone device, this article shows you the steps so you can change your Yoigo APN.

How to configure Internet access on Yoigo devices (Yoigo APN)?

In order to access the Internet on any mobile phone, you must configure WAP Internet access, and the MMS service. With Yoigo devices it is almost the same, the only thing that varies is the connection data.

WAP access settings on Yoigo mobiles

This is the first step to enjoy Internet access on a Yoigo mobile phone; Follow the instructions below to the letter:

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Enter ‘Settings’ and select ‘Wireless connections’.
  • Choose the ‘Mobile Networks’ option and then go to ‘Access Point Names’ (or APN in other versions of Android).
  • If your phone is one of the new versions, select ‘New APN’; otherwise, press ‘Menu’ to select it.

You will see a screen that asks for the configuration data, in which you will have to enter the following:

APN: Internet

First name: The one you prefere

Port: 8080

MCC: 214

MNC: 04


APN Type: default

Leave the rest of the fields empty and go to ‘Menu’ to proceed to save.

MMS service configuration

This is the second step you must complete in order to access the Internet on your Yoigo mobile; And to tell you the truth, it’s not that complicated. You must repeat the previous steps, but in MMS, and enter the following data:

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APN: mms

MMSC: http: // mmss


First name: The one you prefere

Port: 80

MMS port: 80

MMS proxy:

MNC: 04

MCC: 214

APN Type: mms

As in the previous case, leave the rest of the fields blank and press ‘Menu’ to save this new configuration.

Yoigo 4G mobile Internet settings

apn yoigo

In this case it is a bit different, but it is not something from another world. If you want to configure Internet access of a Yoigo 4G mobile, Follow the steps below so you don’t have any problems:

  • Select the ‘Menu’.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mobile Networks’.
  • Look for the option to configure the APN and MMS
  • Change the previous data or fill in the fields with the following data:

First name: APN Yoigo

APN: Internet

Port: 8080

Username: Personalized

Password: Personalized

Proxy: 10,008,000,036

Server: Personalized

MMSC: Personalized

MMS Proxy: Personalized

MMS Port: Personalized

MCC: 214

MNC: 04

Authentication Type: PAP

APN Type: default, supl

APN roaming protocol: IPv4

APN protocol: IPv4

Connection type: Unspecified

Do not forget to save the changes made and you can also enjoy Internet access on your 4G mobile phone from this company.

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