Control will not have HDR at launch

There are few days left for Control to go on sale and the game has already been involved in a multitude of controversies. First it was the exclusive content on PlayStation 4, something that being Remedy its developer was taken as a low blow to Microsoft, who were his companions for almost a decade. Then there was an exclusively Spanish controversy, since the dubbing into Spanish sparked all kinds of comments, both for their quality and for the lack of synchronization of the characters, something we already talked about and elucidated. Today a new controversy arises and is that Control will not have HDR technology at the time of its launch.

Control is a game that uses a multitude of colors and contrasts, although with a “gross” and industrial design. A feature that of course would be enjoyed more with a technology such as HDR, which makes the colors more vivid and adapt naturally to the surrounding light. Unfortunately, this feature will not be available at the launch of the game, as confirmed by Lucas Liaskos, CM of 505 Games, publishers of the game.

«There is no HDR in any version of Control. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have improved features, yes. All console versions work at 30 fps »Lucas replied to a fan asking him about the console improvements. As you can see, Control will not have HDR, but it seems that it may come in the future since another tweet Lucas confirms that many people are interested in this improvement and that he has made it known to Remedy and 505. Who knows if he will arrive in the future.

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