Countries with the most profits on Bitcoin announced

According to the news of BloombergHT According to New York-based research organization Chainanalyis, it has listed the countries that made the most profit from bitcoin in 2020.

According to the news, it was at the top of the list with $ 4.1 billion. USA took place. US $1.1 billion Chinesewith $900 million Japan followed. The rest of the list is as follows:

-England – $800 million
-Russia – 600 million dollars
-Germany – 600 million dollars
-France – 600 million dollars
-Spain – 500 million dollars
-South Korea – $400 million
-Turkey – 300 million dollars

The popular crypto currency, which has had its ups and downs with the moves of China recently bitcoinis now far from the highest it reached in 2021.

The currency, which is the highest, will rise again in the coming period. You shouldn’t be too hasty about this. Because giant falls had been seen before, and then the situation improved.

There was another important development for Bitcoin today.

Central American country today El Salvadorcryptocurrency bitcoin first country to legalize went down in history.

President Nayib Bukele, on his Twitter account, bitcoin his draft by 62 votes announced its acceptance. With this step taken with the encouragement of Bukele, in addition to the current national currency of the country, the dollar bitcoin can also be used.

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