Covid: Europe wants a “health pass” to facilitate travel for vaccinated people

The President of the European Commission has announced a proposal to set up a “health pass” designed for travel. Its outlines are still hazy.

The announcement was made by Ursula von der Leyen on March 1. During the coming month, the European Commission wishes to propose a text whose purpose will be the establishment of a sort of “health pass” which will accommodate both personal information and health data. Goal ? “”, According to the President of the Commission.

The contours of this measure are still relatively vague at this date, but it is a question of preparing for a relative return to normalcy, and of managing the transition period where the vaccinated people will mix – who will be more and more many over time – and people waiting for their first injection. Travel in particular could be based on this “health pass”.

“”, Explains Ursula von der Leyen, on Twitter, suggesting that it could thus be used to enter other countries of the world. The President of the Commission does not specify what could be the other applications of this Digital Green Pass – her name.

According to Ursula von der Leyen, the Digital Green Pass will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, and will be secure. Given what it must contain, it is imperative: in addition to personal data, it is indicated that this pass will include proof of the person’s vaccination and the results of his screening tests, in addition to ‘general information on the coronavirus.

Still fuzzy outlines

The Digital Green Pass would not be strictly speaking a vaccination passport. France would also oppose it, because Emmanuel Macron made the decision in November not to impose vaccination. Since the choice to take advantage of this treatment is left to individual appreciation, a device guiding the decision of individuals, by providing for advantages or disadvantages, would be inconsistent.

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In January, the Minister for Transport dismissed the track of the vaccine passport which would create two categories of citizens. A month later, the President of the Republic confirmed this posture, observing that it would be very unfair for the public who do not yet have access to the vaccine – indeed, they would be kept away from certain public places. through a vaccination policy that does not prioritize them.

The construction of this health pass is potentially explosive for the European Union, because all the Member States do not have the same view on these issues of individual freedoms. Badly negotiated by Brussels, this shift could lead Member States to move forward in dispersed order, as we have seen on borders, masks and, to a lesser extent, on tracing contacts.

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