Create your own cards in Brawl Stars

But in order to use it and start unleashing creativity, we’ll need a prerequisite before we start creating our own map in Brawl Stars. We’ll see this aspect later, though. However, we must clearly understand that we can design and save up to five cards. Now let’s see how it is created.

How do I create a map in Brawl Stars?

In this title we find various modalities and events that change over time, but rain doesn’t always suit everyone, so Supercell gives us another option: card creator … Thanks to this functionality, we can create them ourselves and save up to five different variations. However, it is not available to most newcomers to this game, as it will be unlocked after we receive 1000 trophies

Brawl Stars Card Creator

This means we have to play for hours to win more cups. In addition, with each victory it becomes clear that the number of cups we will win will be much higher. Therefore, once we manage to unlock it, we can select it. in the game menu and start designing them … We can even choose between playing with friends or with bots.

Basically, since sometime we create a map, a code will be generated which we can share for other players.

How this tool works

Once we open the game, we will need to click on three horizontal bars to display various options in its menu. At the end of everything we will find the Map Creator section. If we don’t have enough points, they will be grayed out and blocked. But, if you have already reached 1000 cups , you can access this section of Brawl Stars. Once inside, we will need to choose the following aspects:

  • Select the name of the map we are about to create.
  • Choose a game mode among the various events that this title has in it.
  • Choose the environment in which you will play.
Be careful, this malware uses the GPU and is not detected by your antivirus.

create a Brawl Stars map

When you have completed or selected these three sections and clicked “Create”, an area appears on the mobile panel that has nothing, that is, the environment that we previously selected, but without any decorative elements or obstacles. So now is the time place different items what the name Supercell suggests to us.

Are there any rules for using the creator?

However, how would this Brawl Stars tool offers us, when designing our own environment we will find several conditions, this will slow us down a bit, as they will be needed for it to work without issue. And they are as follows:

  • Items cannot be placed where gems appear.
  • The minimum distance between the obstacles we want to place should be two cells.
  • The bushes will have different shades depending on the environment.
  • It is not possible to create completely enclosed areas or block character spawn areas.

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