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February 22, 2013 / 12:07 PM

Trouble arises once again in the post-apocalyptic world of Crysis, thanks to the evil Cell Company and Ceph aliens, so it’s time to once again donate high-tech nano-suit series for some sci-fi photo shoots. and sneaky actions. But can adding a bow be used to sneakily kill and turn the series into a first-person shooter game?


the crisis 3

The Crysis series is famous for its good looks and Crysis 3 without exception.Its vision of a ravaged New York covered in greenery might be a cliche, but there’s no denying that it looks extraordinary, just like the characters in the game. What’s more, Crysis provides visual appeal without slowing down, managing to achieve a technically impressive mix of ambience and subtle action.


the crisis 3

Because the story and character of Crysis 3 (especially Cockney’s terrible friend) is so skinny, the nanosuit is the real star of the game. This cyber cheat box is arming players with enough technology to make Master Chief greener. This allows you to hack machine gun turrets, switch stealths, do gravity-defying jumps, strengthen your armor at will, and track the movements of your opponents. It’s so good and fun to use that you almost feel sorry for your enemy because the only thing stopping you is your limited energy supply.


the crisis 3

As if the nanosuit wasn’t giving you a big enough profit, Crysis 3 will launch a new weapon: compound bow that can be fired while hiding. This is a great weapon that is a lot of fun to use, but also damages the game. Theoretically, the power of the nano suit provides players with many ways to beat the game, but the bow is so effective that there is little reason to do more than sneak around while wearing a robe and improperly choose your opponents with well-aimed arrows, stealing the game. The challenge.

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the crisis 3

The unfair advantage of the bow will not be so bad if it were not for the carelessness of your enemy. AI in Crysis 3 His forehead is very bad. Shoot down a soldier with a hidden arrow and his friends will rush to the scene, but instead of working together to chase you, they spin around expecting you to send another arrow in their direction. The result is a repetitive solo game that does not take advantage of the potential of a pleasant action.

Hunter mode

the crisis 3

Multiplayer mode is more interesting. Most of them were deathmatches that enhanced nano suits and captured flag variants, but among them was Hunter, a way Crysis promises 3 They finally teamed up. Hunter gives two players a nano suit, bow and goal to take out other players, who play weak but fully armed soldiers. For hunters, it was the feeling of temporary pursuit for soldiers, it was a scared game of cats and mice that only tensed when teammates bit the dust and reincarnated as hunters.


the crisis 3

Crysis 3 is a game watcher with some neat weapons and the ability to boot. But harsh enemy AI and arc-induced imbalance confirm the series’ status as a b-list sci-fi shooter that even the fantastic multiplayer Hunter mode can’t be redeemed.

(Reviewed on Xbox 360)

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