‘Cyber ​​Dome’ move from Israel: They will be protected against attacks with this method

Today, most of the countries can inflict harm on each other by launching cyber wars as well as military wars. The simplest example is the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. While both sides are hurting each other with heavy weapons, it should be noted that cyber attacks against countries are also frequent.

Another name that comes to mind when cyber attack is mentioned is Isaril. Israel, where attacks are frequent, now wants to get full protection against cyber attacks. In this context, the ‘Cyber ​​Dome’ is being established with the support of the government.


Israel’s National Cyber ​​Administrationof (INCD) Its new director announced that the country intends to set up a “Cyber ​​Dome” to defend itself against digital attacks.

Managing Director of INCD Gaby Portnoy He made his first public speech since his appointment in February, announcing his plans for Cyber-Dome. Stating that Cyber ​​Dome will start to implement new mechanisms in the cyberspace of the country during a conference in Tel Aviv, Portnoy noted that this will provide tools and services for the protection of national assets.

Portnoy, INCD’s only last year 1,500 cyber Emphasizing that he found attacks and countered these attacks, he stated that the Cyber ​​Dome was necessary. He also stated that most of the cyber attacks came from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas and that these are their main cyber rivals.

The administrator, who did not explain when the Cyber ​​Dome will be used, emphasized that this dome alone will not be enough, and stated that the government, different sectors, academia, the private sector and the whole world should fight together against cyber attacks.

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