Date, design and technical details for Xiaomi Mi 10i revealed

Xiaomi continues to expand its product range on the phone side. This time Xiaomi Mi 10i model is coming and device going into detail.

Xiaomi Mi 10i A device that has recently shown itself in official records. on sale in Turkey Mi 10T family and Redmi Note 9 5GAccording to the official share of the company, the phone that will appear after the January 5th is launched on. It will be the company’s first smartphone in 2021 Mi 10iAs reported, it is based on the Chinese version of the Redmi Note 9 Pro. The phone whose design you see below, according to the official information, Snapdragon 750 It is powered by a processor, carries a 120 Hz possibly “LCD” screen and is equipped with a 108 megapixel main camera. In the meantime, the company’s flagship with Snapdragon 888 at the end of the month Mi 11 series it’s coming too.

While the Xiaomi Mi 10i is intriguing, how much are the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro sold in Turkey?

It was cheaper on models at first, but then the time came. When we look at the launch prices of the devices Mi 10T specifically for 6GB RAM + 128GB storage 4.999 TL, For 8GB RAM + 128GB storage 5.199 TL was level. of people Mi 10T Pro on the side for 8GB RAM + 128GB storage 5,799 TL, For 8GB RAM + 256GB storage 5.999 TL had to give.

In new prices Mi 10T specifically for 6GB RAM + 128GB storage 5.199 TL, For 8GB RAM + 128GB storage 5,399 TL Emerges. of people Mi 10T Pro on the side, now for 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage 5.999 TL, For 8GB RAM + 256GB storage 6,199 TL has to give. So on phones An increase of 200 TL exists.

Incredible RAM detail that increases the excitement for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Note: This is the main image representation.

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