Decision to Stop iPhone Sales from Brazil: Why?

Apple’s decision to unbox the charging adapters has cost the company dearly. The Brazilian government fined Apple for ‘providing customers with missing products’ and stopped iPhone sales.

In recent years, Silicon Valley giant Apple removed the chargers from the boxes of the devices with the release of the iPhone 12. The Lightning cable with which you can charge iPhones remains, but the charging adapter is no longer available.

Of course, although the public is against it, we got used to this situation over the course of time and the models that came after the iPhone 12 came without charger. However, Brazil officially blocked Apple in the face of this situation.

iPhone sales to be halted in Brazil

The Brazilian government, with its decision today, blocked the sales of the company on the grounds that Apple sold incomplete products to consumers. iPhone devices that do not include a charging adapter in the box are now It will not be available for sale in Brazil.

And it doesn’t stop there: Brazil’s Ministry of Justice is giving $2.38 million to tech giant Apple. (43,364,552 TL) fined him. Apple, on the other hand, objected to the decision with the allegation.

As you know, the ‘reason’ for Apple to remove chargers was the company’s effort to reduce carbon emissions. The Brazilian government said there was no evidence of this, saying that Apple’s denied his defense. As a result, sales of iPhone 12 and higher models are currently banned in Brazil until a new decision. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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