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Have you ever sent something and you would like to delete message in Facebook Messenger? Whether it’s a shameful message or an even more shameful photo, you’ll soon have up to 10 minutes to erase it from the Internet forever.

While it is true that already you can delete Messenger messages, they just disappear from your own device and not from those who receive it.

The update that will allow you to delete a message from your Messenger chats is “coming soon,” he said. Facebook this week.

Confirmation that you can delete facebook messages

Confirmation of the next function is found in the release notes that accompany the last independent messaging application update from Facebook. The last paragraph says: “Very soon: Deletes a message from a chat thread after it has been sent. If you accidentally send an incorrect photo, incorrect information or a message with an incorrect thread, you can easily correct it by deleting the message within ten minutes after it is sent. ”

The other messaging application of Facebook, WhatsApp gives you an entire hour to decide if you want to retrieve a message, so it’s a bit surprising that you only have 10 minutes to make a decision with Messenger. Interestingly, when WhatsApp launched the function in 2017, it only had 7 minutes to eliminate it, but the company extended the deadline to one hour earlier this year.

The feature has been available on the Messenger platform for some time, but only for the best users of Facebook. The incident came to light in April when it was discovered that the executive director of FacebookMark Zuckerberg was using it. The company never made public that it was able to delete the messages sent, nor did it inform the recipients when it did, leaving the company exposed to accusations of violating user confidence. Shortly after, Facebook announced its plans to launch the functionality for all users of the messaging application.

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But take note. The function does not delay sending the message 10 minutes (which would cause some uncomfortable exchanges in real-time chats), so the recipient has that time to read it and, if desired, save its content; In other words, any potential damage can be done.

In WhatsApp, retracted messages are replaced by a note that says “This message was deleted”, although it is still unclear if this will also happen in Messenger chats.

Facebook It has recently introduced a new look for Messenger that also comes with a lot of new features for the messaging application.

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