Deutsche Telekom: Magenta mobile tariffs receive significantly more data volume, but become more expensive

Deutsche Telekom has introduced new MagentaMobil tariffs at the IFA. In all tariffs, the volume of data will increase significantly, but prices will increase. And a stream-on option will be charged for some tariffs.

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5G is now available at the Telekom without additional costs. | (c) Telecom


(c) Telecom

With the new magenta mobile tariffs the changes Deutsche Telekom a lot on the previous tariff portfolio. The mobile network operator is using the IFA 2019 to introduce improved mobile data rates with significantly more data volume. But this will not be realized without price increase. All rates are to be bookable from 6th September 2019.

As before, the Magenta-Mobil tariffs continue to be provided with a telephone and SMS flatrate. With the conversion of the tariffs the tariff Magenta Mobil XS is no longer offered. The cheapest, full-fledged Magenta Mobile tariff is therefore the S variant. Magenta Mobil S will be raised in price from € 36.95 to € 39.95 per month. The unthrottled data volume contained in the tariff increases from 2.5 GB to 6 GB per month.

As before, the stream-on option Gaming can be booked free of charge in this tariff. Data volume consumed above is not counted against the data volume of the tariff. The stream-on social & chat option is no longer available for free for this fare, but for a surcharge of 4.95 euros per month.

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5G usage possible without extra charge

Customers use the LTE network of Deutsche Telekom for all Magenta mobile tariffs and can also use the 5G network at no extra charge, although this is only being set up. In LTE mode, customers receive a download speed of up to 300 MBit / s and uploads up to 50 MBit / s. When the included volume is exhausted, the speed is throttled to 64 kbps download and 16 kbps upload.

The new MagentaMobil tariffs of Telekom | (c) Deusche Telekom

In the Magenta Mobil M tariff, the unthrottled data volume is increased from 5 GB per month to 12 GB; the price increases from 46.95 euros to 49.95 a month. From this tariff the options Stream On Music, Stream On Video and Stream On Gaming are available for free. Anyone who wants to consume music and video streaming services on the move without using the inclusive volume must therefore book at least the M variant of the tariff. The stream-on social & chat option also costs 4.95 euros per month in this tariff.

Magenta Mobile L has all stream-on options for free

The Magenta Mobil L tariff includes all stream-on options for free in the tariff. In addition, the unthrottled data volume increases from 10 GB to 24 GB a month. For the monthly costs rise from 56.95 euros to 59.95 euros. This tariff includes all available stream-on options, including stream on video. Video streaming services can be used without the resulting data volume being credited to the unthrottled data volume.

There is also a price increase in the tariff Magenta Mobile XL, which includes a real data flatrate without limitation. Instead of previously € 79.95 per month, the telecom now demands € 84.95 per month. All Magenta mobile tariffs are also available as Young and Family variants, so each tariff costs 10 euros less per month.

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Meanwhile, the Stream-on options can also be used in other EU countries, but the data volume outside Germany is limited depending on the tariff.

The tariffs of the Magenta Mobil series are to be bookable from 6th September 2019. All tariffs have a minimum contract period of two years.

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