Did Samsung sell more Flip or Fold? Discover the official sales figures

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One thing leading to another, folding smartphones manage to impose themselves on the vast market of mobile devices. A pioneer and undisputed leader in the field, Samsung continues its ascent, accompanied by its two flagship models: the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. If you were wondering which one is the most successful, the South Korean giant has just given us the official sales figures.

While Samsung is currently working on a third range of folding smartphones, the Korean company is providing us with a lot of information on sales figures. The opportunity to take stock of this booming market.

A few years ago, the future of folding smartphones remained unclear to say the least. If Samsung firmly believed in the potential of this market in 2019, this was clearly not the case for everyone. Since then, many players have followed in Korean footsteps, giving rise to an increasingly large market. Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi or even OPPO, so many manufacturers who are now helping to bring the folding phone sector to its current level of popularity.

In 2021, and according to the statements of the president of Samsung himself, the giant shipped no less than 10 million folding phones worldwide. In 2020, the manufacturer had sold less than 4 million units, which therefore represents, two years later, an overall increase of 300%. But now that we know the annual figures, as well as their evolution, what about the distribution between the two ranges of folding devices from the manufacturer?

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Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold: Which is more popular?

As you know, two types of folding smartphones currently make up Samsung’s catalog: the Fold and the Flip. The main element of distinction between these two models remains in their design, and more precisely in the way they open and fold. The Galaxy Z Flip folds from top to bottom, like flip phones, while the Galaxy Z Fold folds from right to left, like a book.

In view of the figures recently released by Samsung, we therefore learn that the Galaxy Z Flip is much more popular than the Galaxy Z Fold with the general public. Indeed, of the 10 million units shipped in 2021, 70% are of the “Flip” type. If the book/tablet format of “Fold” devices is very suitable for reading and browsing, the Flip format, close to flip phones, highly fashionable at one time, seems to have a greater effect on consumers.

the form-factor is obviously not the only justification for this popularity gap. Note that beyond its ergonomics, the Galaxy Z Flip remains above all much more accessible than its counterpart in terms of price. As a reminder, the Korean giant is meeting us on August 10 at Galaxy Unpacked, a summer event that will lift the veil on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, successors to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 released in 2021.

Sources: Samsung, Android Authority

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