Digital Marketing: How to sell more in the pandemic?

THE pandemic completely changed people’s habits, even when shopping. If leaving home to go to physical stores was an everyday thing, now it’s not like that. Measures to prevent covid-19 contagion impose restrictions on the functioning of businesses, leaving traders worried. O digital marketing it can be a good and strategic solution to continue selling in the midst of the crisis!

Before social isolation, the internet was already very present in Brazilians’ lives. With the quarantine, this became even stronger and necessary in everyday life. There was a 40% to 50% increase in the use of the internet in Brazil during the pandemic period, according to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

With more people connected, it is clear the importance of companies from various segments to be digital!

Internet: the new consumer mall

The street names of the stores gave way to the website or social media address. Store opening and closing times no longer exist online, where the consumer chooses when to buy. Comparing prices is much easier, in seconds you leave one store and enter another. Going out to buy? Now just get your cell phone or computer!

A mall that may seem strange to some, but it is the current reality. If you’re not in this shopping center yet, it’s time to tidy up the store, or rather, make a good one website optimization and invest in digital marketing strategies.

E-commerce had been growing in recent times, but the pandemic was responsible for a marked acceleration. In Brazil, the e-commerce grew 41% in 2020, with revenues of R$ 87.4 billion, according to data from the Webshoppers report made by Ebit | Nielsen and Bexs Bank. This opinion also shows that those responsible for a good part of online sales were department stores (84.3%).

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O investment in digital marketing strategies like ads on google, having a good positioning in organic search and presence on social networks is very important to sell more in the pandemic. Also according to the survey, 13 million Brazilians started shopping online in the pandemic. Of this total, 80% said they would buy again.

These data alone show that the digital marketing grew in times of coronavirus and the trend is to expand further!

Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Invest

There are many strategies in digital marketing, all of which are aimed at increase company visibility and sales chances. For Alex Pinhol, CEO and founder of digital marketing agency Webfoco, the first step to succeeding in sales is find out who your customers are. “Based on all the information about the target audience, you can customize the communication of your ads, landing page, website or e-commerce,” he says.

Among the main strategies are SEO and Google Ads.


When you want to buy something, no matter what it is, you Google it, don’t you? Your potential customers too! However, it is necessary to be aware of an important detail: it is not enough to be in the biggest search engine, it is necessary occupy the top positions on Google. After all, people don’t have time, so they only click on the sites that are at the top of the results!

That’s the big question of SEO. The goal of the digital marketing strategy is to make sites be considered the best by Google’s algorithms, appearing first in search results. In this case, we are talking about organic search.

Therefore, an extensive and strategic work of SEO consultancy to achieve the best results. As sites do not pay to occupy positions on Google, the search engine robots do the selection of those that best fit what the user searches for. Optimized content, fixes for technological issues and authority they are the great pillars of the strategy.

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Google Ads

Google Ads are Google ads, that is, the site pays to appear as ads on search pages. This digital marketing strategy is also very effective for companies that want to sell more in the pandemic.

Among the positives of campaigns on Google, we mention the power of targeting. In this strategy, it is possible target ads only to people who are most likely to buy your product, generating better results.

The CEO of webfocus evaluates that segmentation is very important in digital marketing. “Not having segmentation in digital marketing is like going out blindfolded, trying to cross a city you don’t even know. Segmentation is one of the most important points for a campaign to work, as you will know who you are going to look for and where”, explained Pinhol.

For you to be successful in strategies, you need have a recognized digital marketing agency. Professionals will analyze your specific case to offer the best solutions, making your business grow even in the pandemic.

And the results are surprising…

When SEO, sponsored links and other digital marketing strategies are performed with quality and targeting, the results are surprising. Remember that each case is unique, but the data don’t lie. We have separated some success stories for you to believe that it is possible to sell and profit more in times of social isolation.

A large company in the food sector had a growth of more than 92% in revenue from organic search, comparing March-20 (start of pandemic) and February-21. This same company also had incredible results with the work of Google Ads, increasing the website’s revenue by more than 170% in the same period analyzed. And this is not an isolated case.

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A water fountain e-commerce showed a 127% jump in overall website revenue from March-20 to February-21, as a result of SEO work and paid media.

In the fashion segment, companies that invest in digital marketing also have significant results in times of pandemic. One company saw its organic traffic revenue increase by more than 420% comparing the start of the pandemic (Mar-20) with Feb-21!

Invest in digital marketing and sell more in the pandemic!

Investing in digital marketing is even more necessary in times of covid-19, when it is recommended to avoid leaving home. Many companies are migrating to digital in order not to lose sales in this delicate moment for everyone, so you can’t be left out!

Between March and May 2020 (initial months of the pandemic), more than 107 thousand online stores were created, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm). Thus, in addition to being on the internet, you need good strategies to stand out from the competition.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and others will make a difference in your business sales. Look for a serious and competent digital marketing agency to help you sell more in the pandemic!

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