DirtySixer unveils the world’s largest electric bike model

Today there is a bike for everyone. DirtySixer, on the other hand, offers the world’s largest electric bicycle model to a specific audience. focusing.

DirtySixer, a long-running bicycle manufacturer. The focus of this company is very tall and overweight people. in the USA Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Kevin Durant The company, which prepares bicycles for basketball players, has made a splash this time with the world’s largest electric bicycle model. The new model of the company, founded by David Folch, who is almost 2 meters tall, “eDirtySixerIt stands before us with the name ”. Full Installed on 36 inch wheels the bike is as big as a Mini Cooper car model, as you can see in the photo above. The bike, which is currently in the prototype stage and has some minor flaws in this respect, uses its power placed in the center. 250W in strength Shimano E8000 from the electric motor.

this engine 500Wh convenient task firm to support with battery pack, not a chain for transmission for motor Gates signed carbon belt doing it over. In this way, it guarantees a quiet and clean ride. DirtySixerwith pedal support of the electric bike model 32km/h He states that he can easily reach the speed.

Depending on usage with included battery pack Range up to 96 km The model that brings you action is also special for action lovers. “Mountain bike” version has. Shock-damping in front of this model suspension system is located.

The world’s largest electric bike model, the eDirtySixer, will be available in mid-2023 and 8 thousand dollars will have such a high price.

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