Disney + will offer 4 simultaneous devices, and 4K content for $ 6.99 per month

The world of OTTs is in vogue, those streaming content platforms that have changed the way of consuming audiovisual content. They have even managed to reduce piracy after a few years in which it was unstoppable. And it seems that streaming video will continue to grow, and much.

And in the coming months we will have two new players, Apple TV + and Disney +, two new OTTs that come to deal with Netflix and HBO, and go if they will … Today we bring you more information about what will Disney + be like, the most anticipated streaming video service for many users. After the jump I tell you all the details about everything that is known for the moment of Disney +.

It must be said that this information is fully confirmed by the Disney boys. And is that During the Anaheim D23 Expo they gave the first details of what this new Disney + will be. And first of all and most importantly, the price: $ 6.99 per month, but the best thing is that with that price we can have up to four simultaneous devices playing content in 4K to offer us (it won’t be all). A fairly competitive price if we consider that services such as Netflix prices are going up Due to the costs they are having.

And most important of all: the catalog, and is that the Disney + boys play with advantage because they will offer is their catalog content of EVERYTHING that comes from a Disney conglomerate company, that is, they will have practically everything. All the films of Marvel, all of FOX, all of Pixar, all of Disney (worth the redundancy), the complete saga of Star wars, all the content of The Simpson, and more than 350 hours of content from National Geographic. And yes, we will have the option of download to view offline All this content.

Do you want more? they will also offer a pack that includes the subscription to Hulu and ESPN + with Disney + for just $ 12.99. So, get ready for a few months ahead of us in the world of streaming.

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