Do you know why we need 5G? That mobile internet would continue to work

After the extra party T-Mobile organized last year, less – but still – Orange performed splendidly this week. During the holidays, Play did a smaller party. Plus it doesn’t do anything yet, but if it does, I expect at least Krzysztof Ibisz, if not Rafał Maserak, or … Maryla Rodowicz.

5G warms the whole world. How warm it is, I found out recently when my noble and refined, nearly 90-year-old relative asked me “what is 5G?” Interest in every new telecommunications technology is always boosted by both equipment suppliers and telecommunications companies.

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In addition to the usual market hype, the unfortunate 5G has become an element of great politics (see US-China trade war) or our little national politician (see PiS program declarations about the “Polish 5G network”). The technology industry has managed to instill the belief that the implementation of 5G automatically catapults us all in the XXII century. Meanwhile, everything is much simpler and more mundane.

Mobile data transmission is growing at a rapid pace. So fast that the resources currently in use are no longer sufficient, i.e. simply the radio frequencies used by mobile networks. New frequencies had to be found and found. At the same time, equipment suppliers are suggesting new, better technology that can be used. Why not use it?

However, if it wasn’t for 5G, we would simply get good old LTE on the new radio range and solve the operators’ basic problem in exactly the same way. And the problem of network users, of which we are not yet quite aware, but operators are half-mouthed that mobile internet is starting to clog up and that the transmission parameters – especially in large cities – are starting to decline.

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For now, we do not feel it too much, but a few years and smartphones will start to “lull” into energía.

Here is the dog buried and this is the main reason for implementing the new technology. The higher data transmission speed on smartphones and tablets will be difficult to notice. Mobile home internet will also achieve new, better quality, but this is not the main problem of operators, because none of them strategically intends to rely on a radio network, and goes towards integrated services: in mobile and fixed networks.

And all the stories about the civilization leap, thanks to the Internet of Things and billions of devices on 5G networks, for now there is a fairy tale about the iron wolf. It is a potential that you will not be sure how you will use it. A lot of ideas on 5G networks can be implemented today thanks to other telecommunications technologies, but somehow they are slowly being adopted.

So maybe it will be beautiful and modern. With an emphasis on “maybe” … Meanwhile, there is nothing to complain about that 5G is really only a solution to current problems with mobile transmission. Because it is not “only” but “until”.

Łukasz Dec – founder and editor of the TELKO website. Journalist in the technology industry for almost 20 years.

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