DOOM Eternal playable on a connected fridge thanks to the xCloud included in the Xbox Game Pass

DOOM Eternal

With the arrival of xCloud on Xbox Game Pass and the recent addition of Doom Eternal on this service, someone managed to run the game… on his connected fridge.

Thanks to streaming, it is now possible to run games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog on Android devices, and obviously not only on smartphones or tablets…

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Lately, the most creative are having fun spinning different games in the franchise DOOM signed id Software under the most improbable conditions. We have seen in particular that it is possible via a mod to start Windows 95 on a virtual PC and play DOOM Classic on Minecraft. Stranger still, a programmer had fun running the venerable game on nothing less than a pregnancy test. Finally, a YouTuber recently had fun spinning this good old DOOM…on a calculator powered by rotting potatoes.

Through the xCloud, recently arrived on the Xbox Game Pass, Richard Mallard (Twisted420) had fun spinning DOOM Eternal and other games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog on their Samsung Connected Refrigerator. Remember that the arrival of DOOM Guy on Xbox Game Pass is part of Microsoft’s takeover of Bethesda and its studios.

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DOOM (and Xbox Game Pass) on your fridge

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To achieve this crazy and useless, and therefore essential, result, Richard Mallard explains that he had to go through his Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 equipped with Smart View, which thus allowed him to project the game on his refrigerator, also from the brand. Samsung.

We can see from the video above that he didn’t just test his setup on DOOM Eternal. We see him playing in particular Battletoads, Minecraft Dungeons or Forza Horizon 4. He also had fun playing Gears 5 in multiplayer.

Streaming game requires, a slight latency is to be deplored. But the advantage of such a configuration is that you can take advantage of downtime to retrieve a very cold drink from your fridge without having to move. In short, every gamer’s dream.

Source : gamespot

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