Download the DiRT Rally for free [Steam] thanks to the Humble Bundle

The Humble Store, through its Humble Bundle program, offers the possibility to download the DiRT Rally and add it to your Steam library.

DiRT Rally free

To download the free DiRT Rally, we will simply have to access the following link, log in (or create an account), and we simply have to click on “Get the Game“To claim the game, yes, in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter from the store, although then we can go to our user profile and in “Contact Preferences” we can uncheck all the boxes to not receive any email (or leave it to not repeat the same movements in future games).

It can be downloaded until Sunday, August 31 at 19:00 pm GMT +1 (18:00 pm in the Canary Islands), while the key must be placed in our Steam account.

“DiRT Rally is the most authentic and exciting rally game, tested on the road over more than 60 million miles by the DiRT community. Capture the thrill of racing to the limit while driving dangerous roads at breakneck speed; you know that A crash could boost your stage time.

Each stage tests you differently as you run to the limit for snow, ice, asphalt and dirt and face different types of weather. Your team tries to keep you at the top when the car suffers wear and the stages are chained, and each rally becomes a marathon test of concentration and skill.

DiRT Rally also includes official World Rallycross content for you to experience thrilling high-speed emotions with some of the fastest off-road cars in the world, while exchanging designs with other pilots in the most beloved circuits of the saga in racing for a player and multiplayer of High intensity.”

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