Download WPA and WPA2 Password Dictionary to Hack Wi-Fi Networks

What is a dictionary attack?

A dictionary attack on a password on a system or Wi-Fi network consists of checking all words contained in a text file … As a rule, we can find dictionaries from millions of words that take up several tens of GB, the computer will have to try each of these words or combinations of words one by one until we find the correct password or until the dictionary we finish is finished. we downloaded. Having a good dictionary of keys is necessary in order to be able to “enter” a password, it is very important that it contains millions of words, as well as combinations of the most common words that a person could use as a password.

When we download a dictionary of keys, if we want to hack wireless Wi-Fi networks, we have to make sure that we do not have words or combinations of words and numbers less than 8 characters or more than 63 characters. We have to remember that WPA Wi-Fi networks are 8 to 63 characters long, so there is no point in trying these words as we won’t be able to “enter” the Wi-Fi password.

Download WPA and WPA2 Password Dictionary to Hack Wi-Fi Networks 2

There are currently very powerful and customizable programs that allow us to create a dictionary on demand, for example Crunch … If we know or intuitively understand that the target WPA password has, for example, 10 characters and that it only uses uppercase and lowercase letters, we can create a dictionary that will contain all combinations and permutations of uppercase and lowercase letters. Thus, we do not have to use dictionaries that go beyond these parameters. Crunch will allow us to customize the dictionary to our liking and export it to a text file for later use in programs such as Aircrack-ng among others. We have to keep in mind that this tool generates a dictionary with all characters, usually a person puts in an easy-to-remember WiFi password, not a password that is almost random, so referring to dictionaries is a great solution.

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Keywords for WPA and WPA2

We currently have a large number of repositories on GitHub of text files with a lot of passwords that we can test. Of course, in some of the dictionaries that we are going to place, we can find passwords that are not valid for Wi-Fi networks, because they are keys less than 8 or more than 63 characters long, however, we can use it without problems, because different programs for cracking WPA keys.

Probable word lists

On GitHub Probable-Wordlists Repository , we will find an excellent list of password dictionaries specifically designed for Wi-Fi wireless networks. The author took dictionaries from other GitHub projects and merged all passwords that are not valid for wireless Wi-Fi. Therefore, we can be sure that all keys that we test from this dictionary will work flawlessly. We can download this key dictionary via GitHub itself or use a torrent file to download it via P2P because it will probably work faster for you. The size of this dictionary is 8 GB because it contains millions of passwords filtered over the years, but adapted for Wi-Fi networks.

If we accessfull GitHub repository we can find a large list of generic keywords, they are not specifically geared towards Wi-Fi, so while we can use it, not all of the keys we test will be valid.


CrackStation is a free online platform that will allow us to crack password hashes based on the dictionaries they hold. If we want to download the password dictionaries that are on their platform, we can do that. right from here … The largest dictionary contains a total of 1,493,677,782 15 words and takes up XNUMX GB of space, we can download it from the internet or use the BitTorrent network which will run much faster.

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Another dictionary we have is a “small” version of the previous one, based on various leaks that have occurred over the years. This list has only 64 million passwords on the list, and it takes about 300MB uncompressed, so we’ll also have a large number of words and keys to test when cracking a WPA key.

SecLists and Weakpass

V The GitHub SecLists repository we will you can also find a large number of password dictionaries, however in this case they are not adapted for Wi-Fi wireless networks with WPA, so you can check passwords that later can never really be adapted. However, this repository is well known and widely used by security researchers.

On the WeakPass official website we can find a large number of keywords that are for different purposes, on this website we can find a large amount of information: the size of the uncompressed dictionary, the compressed size that we are going to download, the approximate time to crack using different password hashes, as well as WPA … For example, with the largest dictionary, it will take us about 2 hours to check all passwords. All dictionaries can be downloaded directly or through the BitTorrent network. This website is highly recommended because it has many passwords for various leaks that have occurred over time.

Use these dictionaries with Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is the most famous WiFi auditing tool we can find today, along with hashcat to harness the power of the GPU / GPU to launch a brute force attack. To hack a Wi-Fi network using WPA, we need to take a total of three steps. The first step is to put our Wi-Fi card into monitor mode and start collecting all the data to capture the handshake:

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airodump-ng -c CANAL –bssid BSSID -w psk INTERFAZ

In case we have wireless clients connected to an access point or Wi-Fi router, we can launch a deauthentication attack to speed up the process of capturing the handshake, for this we can run the following command:

aireplay-ng -0 1 -a BSSID_AP -c MAC_CLIENTE INTERFAZ

After capturing the handshake and assuming we have already loaded the dictionary, we can use it with the following command:

aircrack-ng –b BSSID –w keys.txt captura-01.cap

The capture name of airodump-ng is “capture-01”, the password dictionary is “keys.txt” and the BSSID is the name of the WiFi network we want to crack, since Airodump captures all the handshakes that happen.

As you saw, thanks to these WPA and WPA2 password dictionaries, we will be able to check all these passwords to see if we understand everything correctly with the password of the WiFi router or hotspot.

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