Draft design giving important details for iPhone 13 Pro

Apple does not fall off the agenda with iPhone news today. This time iPhone 13 Pro In particular, new draft designs emerged.

iPhone 13 Pro In particular, the drafts you see on the page are directly 91MobilesIt comes from. You may remember yesterday that drafts were published specifically for the iPhone 13.

According to these published images, there is a larger camera module on the back of the iPhone 13 Pros than the iPhone 12 Pros. There is even a significant growth here.

Behind this increase, the sensor or lenses / optics seem to be increasing in size. On the back of the phone is a quad camera system with LiDAR.

As you know, the phones that come with a slightly smaller notch than the iPhone 12s do not have a big difference in terms of design compared to the drafts prepared in these CAD files.

The sizes of the phones are prepared similarly to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Apple leaves major design changes until 2022 or 2023 until the latest information.

The screen of the iPhone 13 Pro series will be appreciated

You know the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models for sure. LTPO based 120Hz OLED based on screens.

Apple is finally going to 120 Hz and this is already making users very happy. It is thought that 120 Hz will work dynamically on phones.

In other words, the screen will not work with 120 Hz refresh continuously to save energy. It is still unknown whether Apple will offer people a choice in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison [Video]

Some Android phones have this feature. People can use their phones if they want It can run continuously at 120 Hz.

We expect this important detail to be clarified soon.

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