DxOMark camera results of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been announced

Known for his camera reviews DxOMarktook the camera performance of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max under the spotlight. DxOMark compared the overall camera performance of iPhone 12 Pro Max 130while the camera performance of the iPhone 12 122 points gave.

The reason why the iPhone 12 scores lower than the Pro models is that it does not have special hardware for both zooming and 3D sensing. It is mentioned that the model, which is very successful in terms of photographic performance, offers a good camera performance. It is stated that the model, which is in the 13th row of the list, has a fast focusing system. DxOMark states that the phone is incapable of reducing graininess. For this reason, Pro models are said to perform better in low light. Accurate exposure, wide dynamic range and Dolby Vision HDR features are among the pluses of the phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max stands out with its camera performance

Pro Max, the most ambitious member of the family model It is fourth on the list. The phone gets 138 points in photo performance, 68 points in zoom performance and 113 points in video performance. Fast and accurate focusing, correct exposure, high details in good light conditions, wide dynamic range in videos and good control of noise in videos are among the prominent camera features of the phone. The cons of the phone are that the grain is frequently seen especially in low-light photos and the colors do not look natural in HDR scenes.

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