Edit office documents in Google Drive: this will now be the default

Google docs consists of its own office programs. All users with a Google account can use this package completely free of charge. We can create our own documents using the package and save them in the cloud to keep them in sync and always be available from there.

Edit office documents in Google Drive

In addition, Google allows us to upload to the cloud any document created with other office programs such as Word and Excel so that we can access those files directly from your cloud. The problem is that, being external documents, they always opened. by default in “preview” mode , and in order to be able to edit and work with them, you had to bypass. Until now.

Google docs

Google will open DOCX, XLSX and other files directly in edit mode.

Google has implemented a change in its cloud that will gradually reach all users of the same, allowing users open all documents directly created with other programs such as Microsoft Office and then uploaded to their cloud directly using the editor. Some of the formats that are part of this new configuration are docx, .doc, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsm.

Password protected documents it will not be affected by this change, but it will continue to open in preview mode and we will have to enter the editing options ourselves. And if we have an extension like the google edit extension installed, it will be used by default to open files.

We can also open any file in “preview” mode by selecting this option in the list of items or by holding down the P key on our keyboard when we double-click the file to open it that way.

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When the change comes

Google has everything ready to launch bring this change to all Google Drive users … However, this change will not affect everyone at the same time. The company will gradually activate this option for users ranging from those with professional accounts to users of the free version of the package. In general, this change is expected to appeal to all users. as of November 30 … Until then, Google Drive documents will work as usual.

With this change, Google wants to slightly improve productivity and workflow right from its office suite. Without a doubt, a great step to make the use of Google Docs more convenient and better.

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