Einride hits Top Gear track in driverless truck [İzle]

driverless truck one of the most important companies in einride, with the developed model Top Gear signing a first on the track threw.

Sweden-based startup einride The most recent is the new Autonomous Electric Transport (AET), which is expected to hit the roads in 2021. driverless truck came out with the model. With this vehicle, which has no place for any people, the company recently took to the legendary track of the UK-based original Top Gear. The model, which is the first electric-based driverless truck to receive a lap rating on this track, has also taken the class record of the track as it is the only one. einride meanwhile, it will make another important show in a short time with its driverless truck. The company will do a short show ride as part of the “Goodwood Festival of Speed”.

Einride signed s, which made a sound with the Top Gear moveOther details for the driverless truck AET are as follows

Of course, the vehicle, built on an electric infrastructure, is quite similar to the T-Pod and overall looks quite modern and futuristic. It is said that four different versions are being designed for the model. The AET 1 and AET 2 models can accelerate to 30 km/h and can carry 26 tons. These models bring a range of 130-180 km. AET 3 and AET 4 versions can reach speeds of 45 km/h to 85 km/h. These last two versions are more suitable for long road / highway, while 1 and 2 are planned for more urban.

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