Electric bike that draws attention with its design: “CyberX”

Electric bike The options in the market are constantly increasing. This time, “CyberX”, which has really managed to attract attention, is before us.

Electric bike It is now possible to find an option for every need in the market. The newest of these CyberXan option that can work in any condition.

It is clearly seen that the land capability is high xion signed bike, technically speaking 5,000W It is based on a powerful electric motor.

With this engine, it can reach a speed of 80 km / h. CyberXIt brings a maximum range of 160 km with a 72V and 32Ah battery pack. However, it is stated that it comes with pedal support.

With an average speed of 32 km/h when traveling like a motorcycle 120 kmat maximum speed 80 km range is explained. These seem more than enough for many users.

Maximum payload 227kg that can take two different people on interesting adventures CyberX, It takes the word Cyber ​​in its name from the LED light panel outside. At the same time, lights are used even inside the rims of the model.

Electric bike “CyberX” emphasizes the future

living in the USA Ali Horuz founded by xion The bike model of the company that managed to attract attention CyberX for $3,399 An overseas price is announced.

Let us remind you that this model has collected exactly 800 thousand dollars on Indiegogo. The target set here is only $20,000. was at the level.

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