Electric motorcycle that draws attention with its modern line: “Naon Zero-One”

electric motorcycle One of the latest models to enter the market was the “Naon Zero-One”. Stylish model Germany born.

based in Germany Naon signed electric motorcycle “Zero-One” has a modern and, in our opinion, quite stylish design. The model, which can easily carry two people, has more than one version. The top-end version of the model is positioned at the rear. 10 kW maximum and 7 kW with continuous power electric motor up to 100 km/h it can come out. The motorcycle, which is too fast for city use, is equipped with two 2.4 kWh battery packs. It can offer a maximum range of 140 km.

With stylish LED lighting systems electric motorcycle, It has dual suspension and front and rear disc brakes. There is also a low-end version of the motorcycle, whose battery packs are replaceable under the section where the driver puts his feet, and whose maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h. For urban use, this speed is at a level that will not upset most people.

Currently available in black only electric motorcycle Naon Zero-One, based in Germany It has an empty price of 4,290 euros. On top of that, an extra payment of 1,000 euros is required for each battery pack. However, drivers are not required to purchase batteries. Naon company offers battery packs monthly. 25 euro price leases to drivers.

You can watch the promotional video of the motorcycle, whose front part, where the knees meet, is designed in a transparent structure unlike many similar ones, at the top of the page.

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