Electric truck with huge 680 kWh battery for DPD transporter

DPD electric truck © DPD

The Swiss subsidiary of the carrier specializing in parcel delivery in Europe has just announced its intention to put into service, at the end of this year, a fleet of 100% electric trucks equipped with the largest battery available.

With an advertised range of 760 kilometres, the 680 kWh battery of the Designwerk Futuricum electric truck offers the highest capacity available on the European market in this category of vehicle.

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The Logistics 18E e-truck selected by DPD

The Swiss manufacturer Designwerk Futuricum used a truck from Volvo Trucks as a base and transformed it into a real 100% electric truck. Far from being at its first attempt, Designwerk had until then used batteries with a capacity reaching a maximum of 500 kWh for household waste collection vehicles, the Collect 26E, or even ETM 1005 concrete mixers and ETM 1205 built for Liebherr.

The new version of the Logistics 18E e-truck receives, in its configuration designed for the DPD carrier, an even larger battery, which will reach 680 kWh, enough to offer a maximum range of 760 km.

The Logisitics 18E will be able to travel all the usual DPD routes without requiring intermediate charging along the way. It will easily replace a conventional diesel-powered truck.

Tilmann Schultze, CEO of DPD Switzerland, said: “ This makes it the first electric truck from DPD to be used in real situations and not on test tracks. “. And to add: the elimination of diesel costs and the still valid exemption from heavy vehicle tax are also fundamental for the implementation of this project from an economic point of view “.

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e-truck Logistics 18E © Designwerk Futuricum

80,000 kilometers each year

This is the distance that the Logistics 18E will cover for DPD in Switzerland each year. Suffice to say that the full-scale test will quickly allow conclusions to be drawn as to the potential generalization of electrical energy for fleets of heavy goods vehicles on European roads.

It should be noted that while a vehicle which returns to the depot daily can be recharged each night, on an electrical installation adapted to its load capacity, the process is more complex for semi-trailers traveling through Europe without returning to the company’s headquarters each evening.

According to the first indications of Designwerk, this vehicle will allow a saving of almost 90 kg of CO2 per 100 km compared to an equivalent diesel truck.

Designwerk Futuricum truck range © Designwerk Futuricum

Source : InsideEVs

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