Electronic Arts: Should Gamers Worry About Games Source Code Leak?

Electronic Arts has had 780 GB of data stolen, which may attract the interest of cheat software makers.

Another video game publisher looted by a hacker, and not just any publisher. Motherboard spotted the sale of “780 gigabytes” of stolen files from Electronic Arts on a forum. This pillar of the sector publishes,, and many other licenses. In the loot of the thugs is the source code of several titles, that of the game engine Frostbite Engine, or even internal development tools.

“”, Proclaim the sellers in their posts on the forums. As spotted by the Bleeping Computer, the thugs hope to cash in on the lot against no less than $ 28 million, an amount deemed too high by several observers of the sector. For the moment, they reserve the sale to “reputable” users of the forums, that is to say those experienced in black market transactions.

The hackers put the data up for sale at $ 28 million. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama.

In detail, the hackers explain that they have the source code of FIFA 21, and that of its “matchmaking” server, responsible for matching players who want to play online. After confirming the words of the criminals and clarifying that an investigation was underway into an intrusion incident, the spokesperson for EA tried to reassure: “”.

Useful for cheaters

In its misfortune, Electronic Arts avoided the worst. She suffered a simple data theft, and not a ransomware attack, like the one suffered by CD Projekt, the publisher of Cyberpunk 2077. Not only did the latter waste time fixing his network, but the thugs also leaked his data after he refused to pay the ransom.

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If player data is not affected, their gaming experience, on the other hand, could be. As Wired notes, source codes are sought after by hackers because they expose some of the studio’s trade secrets, and details of how games work deep. Most interested in his information? The developers of “cheats”, cheating software for a few dollars. These programs can allow you to shoot through walls, not to miss your shots or even to cross textures that are in principle solid. They are often developed around bits of game code: this method of construction also gives an angle of attack against cheaters, through copyright or copyright. The leak of the source code of Frostbite Engine, used to could allow cheaters to refine their tools, or even better bypass the protections of the game.

Still, the damage from the leak may never appear to players. For example, the source code leak from (Ubisoft), does not appear to have had any visible effect on the player experience or on the company’s business.

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