Elgato HD60 S +, new 4K video capture with 60 FPS

For those who like to share achievements playing a game, Elgato HD60 S + This is a new hijacker that hit the market with fantastic quality. And that’s a device that promises to handle high-resolution content easily 4K / HDR.

Elgato HD60 S +, chasing the current quality

From a specialist like a company The cat, we have a new reference in video catcher. This is about the model HD60 S + with which users will be able to record high quality content, because according to the manufacturer they do not represent any problem for the device or the resolution for 1080 Y 60 FPS with HDR or video on 4 rb for him 60 FPS.

New capture function

New HD60 S +shows The cat, it is a product compatible with 4KR HDR step. So with that you can capture video without limiting the resolution that is transmitted on it. The television or monitor

This is a device that has an external configuration with a port USB 3.0. In this way HD60 S + This is a device that is compatible with both operating systems. Windows how MacOS. It also offers support for XSplit, OBS; and of course with game capture equipment The cat. This is a device that includes output USB Type-C, it is used to power, but also to connect to PC. Other slots included are slots entry Y HDMI output.

More details of the product

Elgato HD60 S +

The new device therefore puts at hand tape video game possibilities take 4K video, an increasingly popular option. In addition to transmitting in 1080p Y 60 FPS without excessive dependence on the system, because the weight will be carried by HD60 S +. And what is The cat make sure you are new USB grabber It does not cause delays and has the additional benefit of:

  • Function of Flashback recording: Allows you to go back in time to record video and record retroactively
  • HDR10 activated
  • Audio: Recording sound to separate audio tracks, making it easy to edit into a recording (volume adjustment, cleaning noise, etc.)
Note10 + has already started knocking down competition! This time is the speed of loading

Elgato HD60 S +

New Elgato HD60 S + Grabber This is already sold at the recommended price. € 199.99.

Track | The cat

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