Elon Musk: “Humanoid robot Tesla Bot will solve labor shortage”

Tesla CEO Elon Muskmade an unexpected humanoid robot announcement within the scope of the event held in the past months.

For those who missed it, this was announced at Tesla’s special event. Tesla Bot The robot, called illustrated with computer drawings. There is no prototype version of the robot yet. Elon Musk in his statement The first prototype will be produced in 2022. states. Making new statements about this robot, Musk now avoids giving a specific date.

Within the company “Optimus” The humanoid robot, which goes by the code name, is thought to perform tedious repetitive tasks. Of course advanced artificial intelligence systems will be built on “Boots” named robot, according to preliminary information 60kg will be heavy.

Tesla is a very experienced name in using robots in its factories / production lines where it produces cars. However, the company has no experience with such a humanoid robot. That’s why the company is making important recruitments for the robot.

There were other statements made by Elon Musk about the robot today. One of the biggest risks for the future, according to Musk low and rapidly declining birth rate. The famous CEO states that there are not enough people to work with and in the future believes that the humanoid robot Tesla Bot will fill the void. Musk even says: “If people don’t start having more children, civilization will collapse.”

Today, due to living conditions, the birth rate is decreasing, so the elderly population is increasing. Therefore, the need for young people to work actively in the business world is increasing.

Netflix and Cem Yılmaz shared a lot for the Erşan Kuneri series.

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Tesla’s humanoid robot is part of the future

But we will obviously have to wait much, much longer to see this future. About the humanoid robot Boston Dynamics has been working for a long time and even he is still far behind the desired level.

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