EMUI Methods to Stop Using Power Button on Huawei

The development of our mobile devices lives in the struggle between functionality and aesthetics. We’re seeing manufacturers manage to push screens to the brim, even if that means drilling holes in the screens to accommodate the selfie sensor, while the use of the under-screen camera is debugged and widespread. Another leap that the industry looks to make is elimination of physical buttons such as the power button.

Stop using the power button on Huawei

This aesthetic struggle is also undergoing a particular battle between a slimmer design, more or less a battery, or the endangered 3.5 connector. All indications are that the future is a flexible sheet that can be molded to the desired size, and that it will have multiple sensors for activate many of its functions, including turning it on and off.

A future without physical buttons

Remember, the disappearance of physical buttons is nothing new. In recent years, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, despite all the veto obstacles the company faces, can be considered somewhat ahead of its time. The terminal has an 88-degree curved glass Horizon Display screen that allowed it do without volume up / down buttons in favor of virtual control.

botones virtuales on huawei

We know that companies like Foxconn, the largest manufacturer of electronic components in the world, are immersed in the development of SDS Buttonbar technology, a solution that eliminates physical buttons in favor of virtual buttons.

How do you make this possible in today’s Huawei?

However, while we wait for the coming of the future, today there are ways do without the on-off button our Huawei mobile phone. These tricks will allow us to interact with our terminal in a different way, while reducing wear on the buttons. Thanks to some of the features present in EMUI, we can stop pressing this button forever.

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Screen lock

One of the actions that most requires touching the power button is to continue to automatically lock our mobile phone. To avoid this, we will have the opportunity adding a lock screen widget to a terminal that will allow you to lock your mobile phone with one touch of the desktop.

bloqueo de pantalla huawei

To activate it, we need to be on the desktop of our mobile phone. and clamp any free area to open the desktop editing screen. Then we will click on the widgets and select the screen lock button, which we have to release in an empty space on the desktop.

Wake up the screen

When we have way to lock your mobile without touching the power button , we will need to find a way to do the opposite: wake up the screen. In this case, we will need to set up some method in order to be able to wake her up and then unlock our mobile phone, that is, using a fingerprint, pin or face unlock.

activar de pantalla en huawei

Then we will need to activate options to wake up the mobile phone by double tapping the screen or by raising the device. A combination that generally works very well is to lift the device with active facial recognition, so the cell phone will be unlocked without touching anything.

To activate these modes, we need to go to Settings / Accessibility / Shortcuts and gestures / Activate screen. Once inside, we activate the parameters “Lift to Activate” and “Press Twice to Activate”

Schedule on and off

The last hurdle we find to overcome completely dispense with power button , this is the fact of a complete shutdown of the terminal. In this case, we have to use the power button to keep it pressed and select the “Power off” option. Fortunately, we can always program our Huawei to turn on and off automatically.

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Programar encendido y apagado en huawei

We can do this through Settings / Accessibility / On. And off. Once inside we can program our terminal for automatic switching off and on between certain hours. This is a veteran feature that allows, for example, to turn off your mobile phone before going to bed and turn it on only in the morning.

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