Error 0x80073712 in Update Center Windows: how to install version 2004

The new May 2020 update will be available to users. This means that users who have modern hardware and are not using potentially incompatible software are already getting the new version. And other users will gradually receive it over the next few weeks.

Error 0x80073712 in Update Center Windows

If we already see the new version of the operating system in the Update Center Windows, this means that it is already ready to use and that we should potentially have no problems. However, this is not the case.

Error 0x80073712 when installing version 2004 Windows 10

One of the most frequent error messages encountered by users when trying to update to this new version Windowscontained in the message 0x80073712. Not even Microsoft provided details on this error message, but all indications are that it is a compatibility issue, especially with some internal file Windowsto be damaged.

Fortunately, users who see this error message on their computers can easily fix it.

Reboot your computer

To do this, first of all, restart Windows… Do not turn off or turn on, but restart. When Windows starts again, we have to check if the error continues to appear or if the installation of the May 2020 update is already starting without problems.

Update Windows May 10, 2020 and update Windows


In case the update still doesn’t work, the next thing to do is try to repair the installation Windows… For this, the easiest and fastest way is to use DISM command to repair Windows… This command will analyze the state of the current installation of our PC and, if it finds any damaged or damaged file, it will automatically restore it.

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DISM beads

Reset Windows

We may still have problems installing this new version. Windows… And in this case, everything points to a compatibility problem with a driver or with a specific program.

At this point, what we have to do is try to rebuild our Windows… We can choose from options to save our data or completely restore Windowsto erase all data and start from scratch.

Confirmar Restablecer PC

After restarting your computer, error 0x80073712 should have disappeared from Update Center Windows…

Media Creation Tool won’t open

Update Center error Windows 0x80073712 is not the only problem faced by users trying to install a new version of the operating system. One of the upgrade alternatives Windows 10 if we don’t want to use Update Center Windows, is to use the media creation tool.

This tool, developed by Microsoft, is responsible for simplifying the process of downloading and installing a new version. However, some users find that this program will not open.

Herramienta de Creación de medios

If we have problems opening this wizard, we should start it manually with administrator permissions. When we run the program file for the first time, even if we don’t see the previous screenshot, all programs are extracted to the following directory: C> $ Windows… ~ BT> Sources.

So what we have to do is run the file ” Setupprep.exe Located inside this directory with administrator permissions to start installing a new version of the operating system.

In any case, we do not recommend force-installing May 2020 unless it appears in Update Center Windows… Better to wait for the new version to arrive when it should arrive. This will keep us out of trouble.

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Other known bugs in the May 2020 update

In addition to the previous issues, we cannot forget about other issues that continue to affect users who have updated this new version. Issues Microsoft has confirmed and acknowledged:

  • Problems connecting Bluetooth devices. A glitch related to Realtek drivers is preventing us from connecting to these devices.
  • Errors with audio drivers. Users with Conexant ISST, Conexant or Synaptics drivers are experiencing all sorts of audio errors on their PCs.
  • IME languages ​​don’t work.
  • Computers with iGPUs have issues with variable refresh rates for games, especially in DirectX 9.
  • Failed to disconnect Thunderbolt docks.
  • The Always On and Always Connected features on some devices cause network problems.
  • Programs and games with the GameInput Redistributable Function cannot use the mouse.
  • Errors and issues updating or starting your computer from scratch when using the aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys drivers.
  • Refusal to use old NVIDIA drivers.
  • Secondary screens turn black.
  • Problems with Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav drivers.
  • A yellow warning appears on Bitlocker drives.
  • Movies & TV does not work well with AMD graphics.
  • The F11 key does not work on some laptop models.
  • Blue screenshots when exiting the harness.

If we have any of these problems and we cannot continue to use the PC normally, we recommend that you uninstall the version Windows 2004 10 and revert to the previous version.

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