Everyone Hates Chris: actor complains about reactions from Brazilians on the networks

What Everybody hates Chris is one of the most loved series in Brazil is not new to anyone. The series, which has been rerun countless times on Brazilian television, is a great success here. With all the hype, fans started to follow the actors on social media as well. But not everything was blossoming in the relationship between protagonist Tyler James Williams with the green and yellow country.

In recent days, a video of the actor talking about the amount of comments in Portuguese in his publications went viral on the internet. In the interview with The Rich Eisen Show, Williams took a live photo to post on social networks and “check” the large number of messages from Brazilians. Shortly after, the post was already full of comments. “Greg’s father?” jokes a user.

See the video:


In 2016, the actor posted a message, in Portuguese, aimed at Brazilian fans. “Brazil, I love you, I really do, but if you don’t stop spamming [mandar muitas mensagens] in my posts, I’m going to start blocking you,” he said on Instagram.

After the complaint, the actor appeared in a video alongside a Brazilian fan. “You are amazing! I don’t have a problem with you guys, but my friends are mad at me, I’m doing this for them. Can you comment, but maybe not hundreds of times, maybe just a little less?” he asked.

after the end of Everybody hates Chris, the actor acted in The Walking Dead, Dr. House and Criminal Minds.

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