Facebook announces several new features for Messenger and Instagram


Last week, Facebook has implemented several new features to promote interactions between users. They are available now on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Facebook has just rolled out nice updates for Instagram and Messenger. On the menu, we find in particular new themes and stickers, a hands-free mode for audio messages, improved archiving functions and voice messages.

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Movie and series fans have been heard. From now on, it is possible to customize your Messenger feed or your Instagram DMs with a theme Star Wars Where Selena: the series. This feature, which is not yet available on Android, can be activated in the settings of these two chats. To do this, just go to the options and click on “Theme”.

Another feature now lets you personalize your conversations with new stickers celebrating Asians and Pacific Islanders (APIs). Available on Messenger, but also Messenger Kids, they were created to raise awareness among different audiences about the issues of this community. A guide has even been created to help parents discuss this topic with their children.

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Facebook further improves its user experience

Facebook is continuing to optimize Instagram Direct and Messenger, in particular trying to reduce the anxiety that some may feel while waiting for responses from their interlocutors. From now on, a text makes it possible to know the status of the message: read, received or awaiting reception.

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For those who like to send visual replies on Instagram, it is now possible to reply with a photo or video, by clicking on the camera icon. Be careful though, this option is currently only available on iOS.

In addition, if you too are tired of holding the button down when recording voice messages on Messenger, know that a hands-free option has been developed. One click and the recording locks. Isn’t life beautiful?

And as good news never comes alone, Facebook has also improved archiving on Messenger. If you want to tidy up your email, you can move the conversations you want to an “Archived Chats” folder with a simple swipe left. Don’t worry, your conversation history will not be affected by this manipulation.

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