Facebook dates have officially started. We will wait a few months in Poland

Americans can already flirt, seduce and date on Facebook. We have to be patient with our love-hungry hearts.

Facebook dates are to stand out from the competition, including above all Tinder. The application deliberately breaks the trend of unreflective swipe to the left or right and focuses on decisions that will be only seemingly thoughtful.

Facebook Dating is an intimate website within a large platform.

The profile on the dating part of Facebook will be separated from that of everyday and to some extent secret. None of our friends will know that we are secretly seeking love if we don’t tell him. Creating your own page on it should be fast and childish simple. If you want, the application will do it properly for us, suggesting what photos and what information we can put in it. It has a lot to choose from, finally Facebook and Instagram for many people they are saved by beautifying filters of their lives. Thanks to this, with one click we will let all potential admirers know that we have 8 cats, we love to dress them in superhero costumes and have them fight in the kitchen for the last can of tuna. Facebook announces that in the future it will be possible to place stories from other websites on a dating profile. The range of options for presenting yourself from the best side will therefore be wide.

The application, when we log in to it, will offer us profiles of people who can make our hearts beat faster. He will choose them based on our interests, preferences and something that has been vaguely defined as other Facebook activity. If we feel the mint for any of the candidates proposed to us, we can write something directly on his profile or just like him, showing our interest.

Cats are on their way to heart.

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Secret Facebook Dating.

Fortunately, we won’t have to limit ourselves to people recommended by Facebook. If we want to find out if someone in the group of which we are members is also looking for their other half, we can reveal ourselves. Facebook he will show us who else in this group uses Dating. It will be similar in the case of events.

As a rule, the application will not propose to anyone potentially dating our circle of friends – this rule, however, can be easily bypassed. We can admit to Facebook that for some friends you would like to change your relationship status a little closer. If it turns out that they also feel the mint for us, Facebook will let us know. However, there are restrictions. At the most, we can like at most 9 of our friends. I also have no idea where this number comes from.

Facebook Dating secret crush

A secret crush will cease to be so secret.

The website has been officially launched today in the United States. It will appear in Europe at the beginning of 2020.

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