Facebook / Meta-signed smart watch model with camera appeared

Facebook / Metamade very important announcements as part of the Connect conference. Today, the smart watch model of the company itself showed.

Facebook (Meta with the new roof name), the smart watch first appeared on the screen. camera with attention. The round smart watch, which has a screen notch for this, was not on the agenda until it was leaked today.

However, it has been known for a very long time that Facebook is developing a smart watch with a camera. The model, which is likely to arrive in 2022, will have mobile connection support, thus allowing people to make video calls with the built-in camera wherever they want.

The product, which is thought to have a large screen / body due to this camera, will become more detailed in the future. However, there are no high expectations for demand for this product yet. Because there will be very few people who buy a watch with a camera from a company like Facebook that has a reputation for privacy.

Facebook / Meta is also developing a thread called Project Cambria

Project Cambria, yet prototype is in the phase. The model, which will be fully detailed in 2022, functions on the basis of AR, that is, augmented reality, as well as VR, that is virtual reality. The headset, which has a special display technology, can place high-resolution colored virtual objects in the physical world on the basis of AR.

The remarkable Samsung Galaxy A32 5G design appeared

The covered design, which is stated to be very high resolution and much more powerful than the current Oculus models, is shown above. Project Cambria, It is not yet known under what name it will be released to the market. But here the Oculus Pro name seems very likely.

The product, whose exact release date or price is not yet known, arouses great curiosity for the future and especially for the metaverse plans that the company attaches great importance to.

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