Facebook starts receiving dark mode on mobile app

Dark mode seems to be gradually being released in apps from Facebook for Android and iPhone (iOS). Since yesterday (25), some users on Twitter have reported the arrival of the feature to their devices.

One of the features most awaited by fans of the social network, the dark mode has already been adopted in the web version of the platform, in addition to the application Facebook Lite, offering greater visual comfort for access at night or in dark environments, reducing the glare from the screen that irritates the eyes.

Available on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and in many other popular apps, night mode started making news on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network last year, when speculation first surfaced about the development of the feature. Since then, it has been tested on Android, iPhone and iPad, and has even been made available to some people.

In early June, for example, some users of the Android app received the function on their cell phone, with a pattern similar to that adopted in the Facebook Lite, including dark gray background, icons and text in a lighter shade of gray.

How to enable dark mode

Activating the dark theme in the app’s Facebook should happen automatically if the function is already available on your device. But it is also possible to enable it manually, according to the reports in the Twitter.

To activate the feature or check if it has already reached your profile, you need to go to the “Settings and privacy” section and look for the option “Dark mode” (or “Dark mode”). If there is no alternative there, it is possible that the function has not yet arrived for you.

The Halo app will close its doors starting tomorrow

It is noteworthy that there is no official dark mode release forecast for the main app of the Facebook nor for availability to the entire Android and iOS user base.

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