Facebook will have the ability to connect neighbors

O Facebook confirmed that he is working on a tool to connect neighbors. The novelty is already being tested by the social network and some screenshots have recently appeared on Twitter.

The function promises to help people meet neighbors to know “what happens where you live”. Screenshots show that the function first appears in a notification. Next, the user has to agree to enter the test and use geolocation to find people in a nearby radius.

By agreeing to use the novelty, the user can build a profile that will be displayed in a kind of group with neighbors. In addition to the public information of the Facebook, you can also add a description, images and interests.

The new role of Facebook it also includes the possibility to leave the group or change neighborhoods without the need to create a new profile. The social network points out that division post information can be used to show localized ads that can be “more relevant” to the user.


According to Facebook, the purpose of the new tool is to help people connect with people close to them. “More than ever, people are using the Facebook to participate in local communities,” a spokesperson for the social network told the news agency Bloomberg.

Testing with the neighborhood function comes shortly after the Nexdoor social network reveals that it can make a public offering and enter the stock exchange. The startup has a dedicated platform for communicating with neighbors, from announcements to exchanging and selling items.

Apparently, the new feature of Facebook it is yet another attempt by the company to mark ground and offer localized solutions for its users. In recent years, the company has focused heavily on social networking groups and recently also announced a tool focused on college students.

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