Facebook You May Know When You Have Sex

Your mood, your sexual life, and your menstrual cycle (if you are a woman) personal information for advertisers super valuable. According to new report periodic follow-up If you are using Facebook Sharing with You can.

Yes, again Facebook. The company cares about privacy and personal data though he claims, with such cases often referred to we can see.

Privacy International According to the new report published by, periodic tracking applications may share your personal data with advertisers. Good news the most popular Five applications in this regard proactive measures shows you have. So the five most popular applications, your data about your body and sex life with any person or company do not share.

Facebook You May Know When You Have Sex 2

It may seem like good news, there’s more. FacebookSoftware Developer Kit is integrated and ad network and third-party analytics companies giving your information, millions to download There are many periodic follow-up applications reaching. The company’s research practices 61 percent of this data Facebook indirectly.

The data you share with these applications is date and time also ahead. How If you’re feelingaccording to your feelings which remedies You use, pregnant and more. Psychographic targeting also known as mood and mental health We can also say that the information about it is very important and it is a powerful advertising tool.

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