Failure takes down banks, government and airline websites

Several websites of financial institutions, government entities and airlines were down this Thursday morning (17), generating many complaints from users. This was the second global Internet crash in the month of June.

An instability in the systems of Akamai Technologies, which manages the online services of several customers, is pointed out as the cause of the interruptions. According to Bloomberg, the failure led to problems on the pages of Westpac Banking Corp., Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Australia & New Zealand Banking Group, among other companies.

Australia’s central bank, which had to cancel a scheduled bond-buying operation, was also affected, as was the country’s postal service’s online system and the websites of AZN and ME Bank. Virgin Australia airline was another company to report issues on its web platforms using the Twitter to explain himself.

There were also hundreds of complaints made on Downdetector, citing flaws on the websites of companies such as Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and Automatic Data Processing. Services were down for approximately an hour in most cases, but all of them are up and running.

No explanations

The problem that caused several sites to go down today has not been clarified by Akamai. In a note, the app and website hosting platform only reported that it was aware of the bug and was working to “restore the services as soon as possible”.

At the same time, some of the affected companies are also investigating the incident, such as Southwest and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. However, they have not provided further details so far.

Steel, 4x tempered glass and lots of RGB

Despite the lack of information, the suspicion is that the Internet crash was caused by a failure similar to last week, affecting the cloud computing service Fastly. In the case of the last day 08, the software configuration change, made by a client, triggered a huge instability.

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