Falcon and the Winter Soldier: final episodes gain electrifying teaser

Image: YouTube Marvel/Reproduction

THE Marvel and Disney+ released, this Monday (12), a teaser showing previously unpublished scenes from the last two episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldierl. The images show the beginning of what must be the decisive clash between the protagonists and the character John Walker.


The video of just over 1 minute and 20 seconds shows Sam Wilson giving up on Captain America’s shield and cloak. In contrast, military John Walker is shown embracing the hero’s legacy and becoming an antagonist.

Episode 4 featured the new Cap murdering one of the Flag Smashers terrorists in front of dozens of people after the group had killed his fellow Battlestar. The iconic final scene focuses on the likely villain holding the bloodied shield.

The teaser also shows Sam Wilson saying he doesn’t want “anyone else to get hurt”. “Evil Captain America” ​​argues that the heroes “don’t want to do this” while Bucky retorts “yes, we do” at what should be the beginning of the fight between the characters.

Check out the trailer for the last two episodes below:

While the 5th episode will be available on Disney+ starting this Friday (16th), the 6th and final episode arrives on the streaming service on April 23rd.

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