Fans do not work when the PC is turned on: what to do

One thing to keep in mind is that if you turn on the PC and not only the fan is running, it is most likely that the problem is with that fan; However, if all the fans are not working, then the problem is much more serious and probably not related to the condition of the fans themselves (it is quite coincidental that all the fans in the computer will break at the same time). time, right?).

Why might such a problem happen?

The problem can be caused by several reasons and it will depend on how you have your fans connected, as this is not the same as what you have all the fans. connected to motherboard that you are using a bus or fan controller like Corsair Commander or other control unit built in the equipment box.

Fans do not work when the PC is turned on: what to do 3

The problem can be caused by the motherboard PWM controller, if fans are connected to it, has been damaged or simply misconfigured (in which case it has a solution), but it can also be caused in the case of using the fan controller, because it broke because it is not receiving power, or even the PC fans might not work simply because there is some kind of short circuit in the case, something more common than you might think.

If you turn on your computer and the fans are not working, the first thing you should think about is whether it was due to software and / or hardware changes, or if you accidentally hit or moved your PC. case. Something similar can also happen when installing control software such as the Corsair iCUE or NZXT Cam, because while these programs are designed to control their own hardware, they can also detect third-party hardware and initially set the fans to zero until you configure them. hand.

What to do if the fans are not working

As we told you, the first thing you should do is to remember if you have made any recent changes to the hardware or software, or if the PC case has recently been moved or bumped. We’re going to see the symptoms one by one and what to do in each case, starting with software changes.

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There are many special programs for monitoring and controlling equipment, for example, the examples of NZXT Cam or Corsair iCUE that we provided you with. Imagine you have installed a new Corsair fan on your computer, and after installing iCUE and restarting, the fans stop working. You should go into the software settings to see if it is trying to control all the other fans and if they are stopped as a result of this software.

iCUE Ventiladores

While continuing to run the software, you should also access your computer’s BIOS by pressing the DELETE or F2 key (depending on your motherboard model) while starting up your PC if your fans are connected directly to the motherboard.

Once in BIOS, go to “PC Health Status” or similar, where you can control the configuration of the fans and check first if the motherboard detects them, and secondly, if they are set to work or stop. This configuration depends on the motherboard and whether you are using BIOS or UEFI, but in any case, you should find options to control and monitor the operating parameters of the fans connected to the motherboard.

BIOS fan control

If the motherboard does not detect the fan connected, there is a good chance that the PWN configuration has been violated, but don’t despair because you can still do something about it: reset your BIOS to factory settings. You can do Clear CMOS for this, but we personally recommend that you use the battery extraction method.

To do this, turn off your computer and unplug it, wait at least 2-3 minutes for it to completely discharge, and then remove the battery. Wait at least another 10-15 minutes, but for now we recommend taking the opportunity to disconnect all fans from the board, clean up the connections a bit and reconnect them in place. Then insert the battery, plug in your computer, and turn it back on to access the BIOS again and see if the fans now appear.

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Resetear la Bios

If after doing this, the motherboard still doesn’t detect any of the fans, then it is likely damaged and you will either have to replace the motherboard or use a fan controller to fix it.

In light of the latter, as we have already mentioned, it is possible that this is precisely the culprit for the fans not working. If the fans don’t work when starting up your PC and you have a controller, make sure all connections are properly connected (we recommend that you unplug everything and plug it back in to make sure), paying particular attention to the power supply, as these controllers usually use a SATA or MOLEX connector from power supply for work. If it still doesn’t work after doing this, try replacing the power supply connector with a different one so as not to damage the cable or the connector itself.

Fans do not work when the PC is turned on: what to do 4

If the fan controller is built into your chassis, as is the case with many models, make sure the switch is in the operating position. Try moving it to different positions to see if the fans come on, as it is also possible that the switch is the cause of the problem.

Finally, you must make sure that there is no short circuit in the PC case. There are times when metal ties are used to bundle the cables, and if a metal point comes into contact with a sheet of the case, it can cause a short circuit that causes the PC to malfunction, for example, causes the fans not to work (because in short, it affects controller, viz).

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