Fernando Alonso talks about his work at GRID in a new development video

Codemasters has seen an opportunity to bring back the action and speed of one of its classic licenses in the new GRID. A game that has been delayed its launch to be able to correctly address a wide and diverse proposal that will lead users to participate in circuit races in different disciplines as only they know. Facing other drivers with a huge variety of NPCs is what they initially proposed where one of the most powerful rivals in the game will be the Asturian driver, Fernando Alonso. It is precisely Fernando Alonso the protagonist of the new development video, in which he exposes his impressions and work in GRID.

With two F1 world championships, two 24h Le Mans titles, Fernando Alonso He is one of the best rated drivers of today, and his presence in GRID It seems logical. His experience behind the wheel has allowed Codemasters to have his ability to improve the sensations that users will have when they try to emulate the Spanish driver.

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And it is precisely because of its multidisciplinary facet that Codemasters has seen the opportunity to turn to the Spanish pilot, which basically states that the most important thing is to be able to be faster than others. If it is important to attend to the different characteristics of each vehicle in each competition, where you have to adapt to the style of each competition. Fernando Alonso, that will put the voice of experience in GRID, He has been able to test the gameplay of the game and talk a little about how he sees the proposal, in which he was surprised to find that Renault car with which he won two F1 World Cups.

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Fernando Alonso He has shown his participation in GRID In this video, but it is important to remember that a few days ago Codemasters published an extensive video with gameplay where they talked about the challenges that players will encounter in this game. A game that will also include important content updates with new races and tests that seek to keep the fans of speed attached to the steering wheel, thanks to GRID

GRID will be released on October 11 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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