FIFA 20 review: it's here and it's more realistic than ever


Good news for video game and football lovers. It’s that time of year again, and a new game of the FIFA franchise will hit stores next week. We are here to bring you some information about this title; What has changed? What does it feel different? What’s new?

On this occasion, the successful football title comes with a completely new and realistic game system called Volta, based on the authentic football that people play in the streets, in cages and even indoor soccer, and with new simplified movements, new animations and even the option of using a wall as a teammate.

Within the Volta style you can play different modes: Volta Kick-off, Volta World, Volta Story and Volta League. You can also choose from a variety of types of meetings, such as 3v3 Rush (without a goalkeeper), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal. You can have your encounter in stadiums and stages of different sizes, with or without walls.

And if you felt that you couldn’t personalize your players enough, now you can choose from clothes to hair, their tattoos and the way they dance to celebrate. You can choose players. As you progress and complete challenges, you will unlock vanity items such as shirts and shoes.

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News in the game

FIFA 20 brings a new level of authenticity to the way of playing thanks to a system called Football intelligence. Players move in a world in which time, space and their position are taken into account, providing greater realism and better control. The experience of the game, from the physical point of view, will be more similar to reality than ever.

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The seasonal goal system will reward you for completing challenges; Earn experience points to level up. Each level you pass will give you a new reward, from new players to new customization options. In addition, there will be long-term goals that reward players at key moments throughout their season.

There is also a new way to play with your friends or with the FUT community in general in the form of friendly matches. There are several competitive and cooperative modes: Couch Play (up to four friends face each other or artificial intelligence); Play A Friend (here you challenge a friend and his team); Y Play online (where you face a random FUT community member).

In friendly matches you can play with standard rules, with rules that come back from FIFA 19 and with a selection of new rules from FIFA 20. Some stars from the past like Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Didier Drogba and Andrea Pirlo also return.

The experience on the court

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A change in the way of playing that you will notice immediately is the new physics of the ball when making passes, shots and tackles. This year feels much more realistic; It’s not just the same animation repeating itself over and over again. The way in which you make plays with a stopped ball is different from last year for penalties and free throws, because now you have a target that helps you aim your shot in a more specific direction. You can also give effects to your free throws, such as a knuckle ball, with or without rotation or mixed, depending on how you move the right lever. The tackles feel better than ever this year. I remember many times with FIFA 19 in which I tackled my opponent and he recovered the ball and it was still at his feet; Now, when you tack someone, the ball moves away from your opponent or stays on your feet.

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In FIFA 19, sometimes the distant shots were strangely better than in 1 against 1. Now, with a distant shot the goalkeeper will be better and can save him if the shot is not enough to score a goal.

The attack is another thing that has changed. Last year, I wanted to play as Barcelona and have possession of the ball and not only play with fast passes, pass to the gap and 4-3-2-1. In FIFA 20 the pace has changed the feeling of the game, it is no longer like FIFA 12, when you only needed a very fast player to win the game. Dribbling is an attribute that will help players with the ball to move faster. Playing with Manchester City and using the rhythm of Agüero and Sterling was a good way to reach the last third of the field. But this game is not just about rhythm; You have to pass the ball, have possession, wait for the right moment, just like in real football.

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Career mode

To have a virtual soccer career more realistic than ever, the career mode presents several innovations, such as the personalization of your technical director (choose your body type, skin color, clothes, your hair and even your gender), press conferences where the DT will answer questions before and after important games and conversations with players. Morality is also taken into account: different factors, such as time on the court, the performance of a player and others, will influence your mood.

This game feels like a real football game and not like a game with which you always go for the strongest and already. EA has to continue like this for users to play soccer to win. It is a positive thing that EA has paid attention to community feedback, and has admitted its mistakes. If you continue on this good path, listening to the community, some great football games await us in the near future.

Clarification: this was written at the beginning of the game; In the future, EA could get an update that provides or eliminates errors.

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