Finally a beginning of a fall in the price of graphics cards in January?

eVGA RTX 3090 © eVGA

While we have often spoken of a possible fall in the price of graphics cardscould this time be the right one?

The little guys at work at 3DCenter closely monitor the evolution of graphics card prices, particularly in Europe. They are based on the rates charged by German and Austrian retailers, but this still gives a good idea of ​​trends.

Significant drop in January 2022

For once, the latest signs are rather encouraging. As January draws to a close, it is possible to notice a downtrend. Over the last three weeks, this drop has affected both AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Graphics card prices 2021-2022 © 3DCenter

Thus, between January 2 and 23, NVIDIA cards went from 185% of the MSRP on average to 177% of this indicative price. We remain well above, but the progress is notable and also observed at AMD with a drop of 178% to 167% of the MSRP.

3DCenter correlates these declines with better card availability and the plunge of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency whose mining heavily uses graphics cards. It remains to be seen whether this decline will persist over time.

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Sources: 3DCenter, VideoCardz

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